Expand the market for your services by reducing the client's risk of hiring you. Beat the competition by giving your clients the insurance coverage they want.


Remove one of the common barriers to establishing contracts with large corporations – Insufficient Business Insurance. At no additional cost IProfessional provides your clients with a powerful suite of business liability insurance coverage meeting, or in most cases, exceeding the contractual requirements of most Fortune 1000 companies.

Business Insurance Coverage includes:


  • General Liability Insurance, ($2,000,000)
  • Excess Liability Insurance, ($5,000,000)
  • Error & Omissions Insurance (also called Professional Liability), ($5,000,000)
  • Crime Bonding (also called Fidelity Bonding), ($2,000,000)

All our polices also have High Per Occurrence Limits, at no additional charge (its covered by your membership fee). Not only will you provide your clients with peace of mind, but our insurance coverage actually helps you expand the market for your services. In fact, most fortune 1000 companies will not work with contractors who do not have a business insurance policy behind them protecting the client.


Weak Insurance = No Contract.

Weak business insurance policies can prevent you from securing contracts. A common misconception is that the strength of an insurance policy is determined by the policy limits (the total payout amount). However, a truly robust insurance plan will have a high claim limit AND high per occurrence limit. The per occurrence limit dictates that maximum payout per claim, meaning that even if you have a $10,000,000 policy limit, if your per occurrence limit is low, your client will only be recovering a fraction of the damages. Making you a much more risky investment.

Your clients understand the finer points of business insurance and they often expect contractors to be familiar with the steps they can take to mitigate the risk of hiring them. You should at least be conversant with the General Terms and Types of Insurances referenced in the Insurance Section of your contract.



How To Evaluate the Quality of a Business Insurance Policy:

When clients are evaluating your Business Insurance they typically focus on three different categories: the policy limit, the claim limit, and the coverage package. Make sure your policy has the numbers that matter.

POLICY LIMIT: The maximum payout allowed for all claims.
CLAIM LIMIT: The maximum payout for each separate claim against the policy.
COVERAGE PACKAGE: The variety of categories covered (General Liability, Professional Liability, etc).


EXAMPLE: If a company has a $2,000,000 Professional Liability Policy with a Per Occurrence Claims Limit, per incident, of $500,000, your client is actually only covered for $500,000 when a claim is made against you. Whereas a Per Occurrence Claims Limit of $2,000,000 would cover your client for the full amount of the Policy Limit which is also $2,000,000.