Keeping up with technological advancements in your field costs money, so does your equipment and software. At IProfessional, get reimbursed for all expenses related to running your "Business Unit" with pre-tax dollars.

Business Write-Offs and Expenses for Independent Contractors and Consultants


  • Expense Accounts without Incorporating Your Business
  • Fast Reimbursement (within a month)
  • Access to Expense Experts

  • The Ability to Submit Childcare and Medical Expenses
  • Access to Per Diem Expenses**per diem expenses applicable when traveling outside your statistical area.

Reduce Your Taxable Income

Write-off office equipment, seminars, travel, and much more! Take advantage of IProfessional’s knowledge of IRS guidelines to reduce your taxable income and maximize your pre-tax business expenses. Our expense compliance team will review and file all of your information to ensure you are within the legal limits for each category of costs.

Fast Expense Reimbursement

Receive your expense reimbursement at the end of the month, not the end of the year! By submitting and processing monthly expenses IProfessional accelerates the reimbursement process, so you get your pre-tax benefit in weeks, not months. Scroll down to see a portion of pre-tax expense categories.