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4 Simple Ways to Keep Yourself Organized


You’ve entered the world of independent consulting. You are eager to take on the challenges of find new clients, work on exciting new projects and build your professional network. However, one aspect that new consultants typically overlook is the amount of time needed to administer the business. If you don’t have a good plan of attack you can easily find yourself overwhelmed and falling behind on paperwork. Listed below are 4 simple ways to help you stay organized.

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Templates – Whether you are creating an invoice, a client report, or a thank you email, templates are an easy way to save time. For any reoccurring communication or document be sure to save a blank template that you can quickly tailor for any client.

Keep Your Inbox Organized – If you are anything like me, maintaining and responding to emails could be a full time job. To avoid getting overwhelmed or forgetting about important emails develop a system to handle email as you receive it. File it, respond immediately, or delete it if it’s junk. I like to keep my inbox clean so important messages don’t get lost in the clutter.

Set Up Personal Email Archiving – Have you ever been searching for an old email detailing past project or contract details and are unable to find it? If you set up an email archiving service losing emails will be a problem of the past. Every email you send and receive will be documented and saved on an outside server. Even if you accidentally delete the email from your inbox you can still easy recover it months or ever years later in a searchable personalized email archive.

Reduce Clutter – As you know finding a specific paper in a stack of hundreds of papers is not the easiest task. Reducing the clutter on your desk will not only make it easier to concentrate on your work but will also speed up finding documents when you are in a hurry. Develop a system and keep the important information close by.


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