We continually strive to be the most attractive, simple, and economical alternative to self-incorporating (if you’re a contractor) or managing a contract workforce (if you’re a corporation). IProfessional is a financial and administrative service designed specifically to support the needs of Independent Professionals, and the companies that hire them. Our mission is to create an efficient mechanism, allowing each group to establish a working relationship through a unique, mutually beneficial environment.

Brief History

In 1986 the United States Congress passed the 1986 Tax Reform Act. Embedded in this voluminous document was an obscure and ambiguous piece of legislation titled Section 1706. This new section singled out Independent Professionals, and the companies that hire them, for tax punishment. Believing that Independent’s were unfairly singled out, IProfessional set out on a mission to neutralize the negative effects of Section 1706. The solution was to create a unique and revolutionary environment that would return to Independent Professionals the freedom and flexibility that had been stripped away.