Consulting contracts are often one sided - meaning they are constructed to support only the interests of the company creating them. IProfessional helps you level the playing field.

IProfessional is not your attorney, but we have executed thousands of consulting contracts for our members.

We review your contracts to make sure they are in line with industry standards, that the non-compete clauses are reasonable, and unreasonable liabilities, obligations or support requirements are not passed on to you or IProfessional. Don’t fall victim to legal jargon and common tricks that can hinder your ability to secure another contract or receive payment.



Pre-existing MSA’s

IProfessional has Master Service Agreements with many Fortune 1000 companies and staffing firms across the USA which helps to streamline your contract set-up process. If your client is not currently set-up with IProfessional we will work with your client to establish the vendor relationship.



Make your transition seamless.

Once the contract is finalized IProfessional works with your client to minimize payment delays by insuring all the required paperwork to establish a working relationship is completed correctly. This process includes:

  • Verifying the client’s  Accounts Payable and Vendor Compliance Departments have all the correct information on your billing rate, our payment address and contact information and if the payment is performed via Electronic Funds Transfer (ETF) to provide the banking information required to assure proper payment is received.
  • Provide the client with the required Insurance Certificate naming client as an “Additional Insured.”
  • Perform background, credit and disbarment checks (when required).
  • Set-up drug testing appointments (if required), with our labs or if the client wants to use their drug testing labs, coordinate with them so the process is smooth and effortless for you.