the safest, fastest & MOST legally compliant
way to engage internally sourced Contractors

All the insurance, legal protection and administrative support you need.

Re-Classification Risk

Whether you need to engage a standalone contractor or a small consulting firm we can protect you.

Convert Your 1099's
to W-2's

Our “Employer of Record” service is designed to convert your 1099 contractors into IProfessional W-2 employees. We create a unique Business Unit for each member allowing them to retain complete control over their business. Our administrative and legal framework allows them to keep all the perks of owning their own business plus have access to all the pre-tax benefits and business expense accounts usually offered only by Fortune 500 companies.

Validate Corporate

IProfessional’s Vendor Validation service validates their corporate credentials to ensure they are compliant with the 1986 Tax Reform Act. After a Sub-chapter S corporation, LLC or LLP is deemed compliant IProfessional will enter into a sub-contract agreement, assume the re-classification liability and assign the contractor to your project.

Your Best Defense

Sometimes things go wrong. When they do make sure you and your company are protected.

Robust Business

Covering your company with a robust suite of Business Insurances Coverage with high policy and high claims limits

Background Checks and Drug Testing

IProfessional will administer the background, credit & drug tests per your companies’ requirement. We do all the legwork for you (charge back for cost, no markup).


Help reduce unplanned contractor turnover and project cost overruns

Reduce Contractor Turnover

Reduce the cost overruns due to re-staffing and re-orienting replacements. IProfessional provides contract professionals with all the perks and flexibility of owning their own business, including an extensive array of pre-tax business expense accounts coupled with pre-tax employee benefits and retirement programs IProfessional has an exceptionally high (97%) contractor to employee conversion rate.

Monitor Workforce Spend

IProfessional’s technology platform and distinctive business process helps your organization realize an immediate and considerable reduction in both cost and workload. Our proprietary systems are designed to streamline the administrative activities associated with engaging, managing and paying contract professionals.