In one simple step, increase profits and
expand your market to the whole country.

Give both your clients and contractors what they want without increasing operating costs.


Plug into IProfessional "Employer of Record" Service to take advantage of the rapidly expanding market for consulting services.


Join the growing and profitable market for consulting services without building the back office infrastructure required to do so. At no cost IProfessional provides everything you need.


IProfessional has created a unique back office environment and legal structure allowing contractors to enjoy the perks of owning a business with the benefits of a Fortune 500 company while maintaining their operational independence.

Your Best Defense

Significantly reduce your financial liability and exposure to employee reclassification. IProfessional ensures its contractors are converted into W-2 employee status with each employee having their own unique Business Unit within IProfessional. The employees have a large degree of operational autonomy.

In addition, IProfessional covers your company with a robust suite of business insurance policies.

Avoid Reclassification

IProfessional shields you from costly worker misclassification penalties. IProfessional will agree to contract provisions requiring IProfessional to indemnify your company in the event the IRS reclassifies any contractors working through IProfessional as your employees.

Robust Business Insurance

Reduce your insurance costs. All IProfessional members are covered by a robust suite of business insurance coverage with high policy limits and high-per occurrence limits.

Save Time

Decrease the time spent on-boarding and administering your contractor workforce at no cost to your company. IProfessional helps your company centralize the management of your contingent workforce while providing a suite of services enjoyed by both you and your contractors. It's a win-win scenario!


Dramatically reduce the time spent negotiating contracts by establishing a Master Consulting Agreement with IProfessional. Once IProfessional endorses a contract it is applied to all our existing/ future members. We only require a separate single page Work Order or Addendum for each new assignment.


Eliminate the time consuming task of scheduling drug tests and performing background, debarment, credit, and identity checks. IProfessional will aadminister the background, credit & drug tests per your companies’ requirement. We do all the legwork for you (charge back for cost, no markup).


Consolidated Payables, one check covers many contractors. IProfessional disburses funds received within three days, and the funds are sent via EFT and distributed the same day.