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Self Performance Review for the Independent Contractor


Whether you’ve been an independent for years or just finishing up your first contract, it’s never a bad idea to stop and take a look at how well you are doing.  Self performance reviews can serve as a useful tool by giving you the opportunity to objectively reflect on your performance, consider what you’ve done well and where you’ve fallen short.

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As your own boss, your self evaluation is for your eyes only so be honest with yourself.  By focusing on what is working well you can outline your future professional goals, build your success and boost your confidence.  It’s important to reflect on how your career has changed and matured to better understand what has worked, what hasn’t and what services could use some improvement.  Evaluate your skill sets to determine if future training is an important step to take in the upcoming months or years.  Carefully review mistakes and errors you’ve made and determine ways to avoid them in the future.

As an independent, it is helpful to develop a custom self performance review that best suits the service you provide.  You can find a wide range of self performance questions online or pull from the below list that we have put together for you.

  • What were some important accomplishments this past year?  What went well?
  • Which projects were your favorites? Why?
  • Which projects were the most successful?  Why?
  • Which accomplishments and projects should be added to your resume, online profiles or website?
  • Which of your skills lead to the most rewarding projects?
  • Which skills were used the most this past year?  How have they developed?
  • Which skills were not used?  Are these skills deteriorating?
  • Have you been keeping up with what areas of your field are in demand and what areas are growing?
  • What type of professional development courses or training would help you be successful in the coming year?
  • Have you seen any changes in your industry or specific field this past year?  How might they affect you?
  • What changes might you have to make in the next couple of years to stay on top of the market?
  • Did you receive your target bill rate this year?  If not, what might be holding you back from getting the rate you want?
  • How are your relationships with clients? What factors have contributed to the most successful relationships?
  • Are clients living up to the contract terms?  If not, what actions should be taken?
  • How are your written and oral communication skills? What improvements could be made?
  • What characteristics proved to be your best strengths? How can you build on these?
  • What characteristics showed to be a weakness?  How can you improve on these?
  • How is the administration of your business going?  Invoicing, collections, payroll, benefits and pension?
  • Are there any pre-tax benefits you missed out on last year?  How can you take better advantage of pre-tax dollars in the future?
  • Have you been able to maintain a healthy work/life balance?  Are there any personal interests you’d like to better pursue this year?


Have you ever conducted a self performance review?  Let us know your most helpful questions by leaving a comment.



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