Solutions Architect

It [IProfessional] is the equivalent to having your own business, with your own collections agency, contracts, HR, all those services that you would normally have to fulfill for yourself they provide it to you, so you don’t have to worry. As far as I’m concerned anytime I’m working on a contract basis, I’m going through IProfessional.


Comms. Analyst

I’m earning more money, it’s costing me less to do business on a day- by-day and, amazing as it sounds, I get all the benefits and positive things of a corporation, at a fraction of the cost!

… if they [fellow consultants] have any thoughts about going independent and they want a reliable business partner, that is a real business partner and has your best interests in mind, they would have to consider IProfessional.


Electrical Engineer

… it’s been very beneficial to me. I’ve got access to the same resources as I would in a full time company, insurance, retirement program, health savings account and access to an assistant anytime I need it.

The client company I’m currently working for is encouraging other contractors to join IProfessional, because they do appreciate the firewall that Iprofessional brings between the client company and the contractor, its much less risk on their part with IProfessional being involved.


Electrical Engineer

…if I had known about IProfessional, prior to this current job where I was told about it by my boss,  I would have been an IProfessional employee long before this.

I recently purchased a new home and IProfessional went above and beyond the call of duty, getting the financial records together for me, and preparing me for what was going to be a really difficult loan approval process, and they made it all real easy.