Save Money

Corporate perks with the freedom of an independent. Leverage IProfessional's corporate structure to gain access to benefits typically reserved for large corporations or full time W-2 employees.

Business Write-Offs

Maximize your pre-tax benefits! Independent Contractors can take advantage of business write-offs and expense accounts without having to incorporate.

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Tax-Deferred Pension

Robust, portable pension program, funded weekly, with 1000′s of investment options and low transaction costs. Even borrow from your pension and in effect pay yourself back.

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Group Benefits

High Deductible Health Insurance with attractive Health Savings Accounts, dental insurance, workmen's compensation and disability insurance.

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Save Time

Spend more time with your friends and family and fewer non-billable hours on mundane back office tasks. IProfessional's services are designed to make it easy to focus on billable time, not tedious paperwork.

Invoicing & Collections

IProfessional adapts to your client’s invoice and payment requirements & effectively reminds clients of late payment so you won’t have to.

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Effortless Taxes

All payroll related tasks including automatic tax payments, state and federal quarterly reporting, plus year end reporting and tax returns. Work in multiple states or out of the country.

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Contract Analysis

Don’t fall into a trap. IProfessional has your back and will review all contracts to make sure they don’t contain unreasonable terms.

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Expand Your Business

Secure contracts with bigger clients and at higher billing rates. IProfessional's "Employer of Record" service allows contractors to meet the Corp-to-Corp/Vendor Access requirements of Fortune 1000 companies and staffing firms.

Business Insurance

Guarantee your clients that if something goes wrong they are covered with the best suite of business insurance coverage.

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Eliminate Reclassification

IProfessional gives you all the perks of owning your own business with all the benefits of being a W-2 employee, while at the same time protects your clients from reclassification risk.

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How it works

Unique Business Unit

Run your business how you want to. Each Business Unit is set-up individually, enabling you to choose from a variety of benefit packages that can be catered to your needs!

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Business Manager

Be independent, not alone. Set-up and run your Customized Business Unit inside IProfessional with the help of a dedicated, trained Business Manager.

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Competitive Pricing

Our program is designed for the career professional. If you are accepted into our organization, IProfessional’s cost structure cannot be beat!

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