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Main Office

3921 Route 202

Doylestown PA, 18902


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Conference Room

George Menendez

Comms. Analyst

… if they [fellow consultants] have any thoughts about going independent and they want a reliable business partner, that is a real business partner and has your best interests in mind, they would have to consider IProfessional.

Phillip Grossman

Solutions Architect

IProfessional is the equivalent to having your own business, with your own collections agency, contracts, HR, all those services that you would normally have to fulfill for yourself they provide it to you, so you don’t have to worry. 

Glenn Pickens

Electrical Engineer

… it’s been very beneficial to me. I’ve got access to the same resources as I would in a full time company, insurance, retirement program, health savings account and access to an assistant anytime I need it.

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