Not Alone.

A comprehensive business support structure that makes it easy to be to an independent professional without self-incorporating. 


W2 Payroll

We withhold all appropriate federal and state taxes. You receive a W2 at the end of the year.

Contract & Vendor Setup

Focus on projects, not paperwork. From client/vendor setup to invoicing and collections, we handle it all.

Admin Assistance

Each member is assigned a dedicated Business Manager to customize and provide ongoing support for your business.  




Group Benefits

Access to Medical, Dental, Life, and Long-Term Disability Insurance with optional HSA Plan.

Pre-Tax Expenses

Take advantage of Business write-off's without having to incorporate. Reduce your tax liability and increase your take home pay.

Retirement Options

Robust, portable pension program, funded weekly, with 1000′s of investment options and low transaction costs.

Business Insurance

You're clients are covered under our robust Business Insurance designed to meet the needs of Fortune 500 Companies.




You're the boss. You pick your clients, you set your rate. Setup your Business how you want it.

Client Management

Seamlessly and simultaneously work on multiple projects at multiple clients.

Business Reports

Transparent online reporting allows you to follow every dollar earned and how it was allocated.

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Business Meeting


Working as an independent professional doesn't need to be complicated. Since 1997 IProfessional has been enabling individuals to step out onto their own and be their own boss while experiencing the advantages and simplicity of being a W2 employee.


Our innovative employment model keeps you in the driver seat of your own career, while having a strong back office support system to take care of the administrative tasks. Focus on what you do best and let us handle the rest.

From reviewing your first contract to your retirement IProfessional is by your side. Customize your benefits, enroll in a powerful pension, or simply avoid the hassle of being a 1099 without the massive margin of a staffing agency.


You will have a dedicated Business Manager to help you navigate from contract to contract or juggle several clients simultaneously. Be Independent, not alone.

Glenn Pickens

Electrical Engineer

… it’s been very beneficial to me. I’ve got access to the same resources as I would in a full time company, insurance, retirement program, health savings account and access to an assistant anytime I need it.

THE Career Independent

Whether you are looking for your first contract or your tenth IProfessional's solution is here for you.

Spend your time billing and delegate your business's administrative tasks dedicated professional. 

Choose your clients. Set your bill rate. And build your Business how YOU want. 

Call us today for pricing and more information on how we can help!

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