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Engage or convert contract workers with a compliant, cost-effective, and easy to manage solution. 


Risk Mitigation

Eliminate your risk of worker misclassification. All workers are W2 employee's of IProfessional with all appropriate taxes withheld.

Benefits Administration

Workers have access to group benefits and powerful retirement options managed and supported by IProfessional.

IC Certification

If an S corp, LLC, or LLP is compliant we will enter into a sub-contract agreement, assume the re-classification liability, and assign the contractor to your project.



Whether you have one or a hundred workers our solution scales with the demands of your business.

Fast Onboarding

Need to hire someone fast? We can onboard or convert a Worker from 1099 to IProfessional W2 in as little as one day. 

Workforce Reports

View your contractor spend and monitor trends in your workforce spending to ensure you are maximizing your output.


Seamless Integration

We adapt to you. We'll follow your existing time keeping and invoicing requirements.

Attract Top Talent

Get the best bang for your buck. Our cost-effective solution leaves room in the budget to attract a higher tier worker.

Single Vendor

One Master Service Agreement, one payment, and one point of entry for your entire contract workforce.

Call us today for pricing and more information on how we can help!

Moving People


Protect your company, reduce your workload, and make your contract workers happy with a single easy to manage solution. IProfessional removes your liability for worker misclassification by quickly converting new or existing contract workers to W2 employees with access to a suite of benefits managed and administered by IProfessional.

Whether you have one or a hundred your contract workforce is consolidated under a single MSA and all payments are made to a single vendor, allowing you to easily expand and contract your workforce to meet your company’s current needs.

Seamlessly integrate our contract workforce management solutions with your existing timekeeping/invoicing requirements and view monthly contractor spend reports to monitor your workforce activity.

Work Presentation



Establish MSA and enter a Corp-to-Corp relationship with IProfessional.


Identify and add workers to the MSA by creating an SOW, referencing the MSA. 


Onboards workers you would like to engage as a W2 employee of IProfessional.


Reviews all benefit and pension options and runs a financial projection for the individual.


After worker is onboarded, they become a W2 employee of IProfessional and are sub-contracted to fulfill the SOW.

Gains access to group benefits and powerful retirement options.

Call us today for pricing and more information on how we can help!

  • What are the first steps?
    If you have an upcoming contract or a potential contract give us a call at 215.340.3470 or email us at We go over benefit options and run a financial projection so there are no surprises.
  • Do you find contracts for me?
    No, you find your contracts and determine your own bill rate.
  • Can I still work with staffing firms?
    You certainly can. For many contractors working with staffing firms is the quickest way to secure their next project.
  • How long does it take to get setup my account with IProfessional?
    The onboarding process can be completed within 24 hours if all the appropriate paperwork is returned. Our onboarding process is mostly digital and mobile friendly.
  • If I have a question about my account or benefits who do I call?
    Each member is assigned a dedicated Business Manager to help you will all business-related issues.
  • What Healthcare options to you offer?
    We currently have two healthcare plans through IBX (Independent Blue Cross), PPO HSA 300 and PPO HSA 5000.
  • What other benefits do you offer?
    We offer Dental, Life, and Long-Term Disability insurance.
  • Do I need to purchase Business Insurance?
    No, your clients are covered under our Business Insurance.
  • Is there a waiting period for benefits?
    Yes, there is a 60 day wait period to enroll in the benefits programs.
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